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Individualized Instruction

Every individual learns at a different pace, has different strengths and weaknesses, and comes from a different background.

Individualized instruction ensures that each athlete receives personalized drills, allowing them to progress at their own pace and learn in a way that works best for them.


Tech provides objective feedback and helps coaches communicate with athletes. Your metrics will help define your strengths and weaknesses.

Tracking metrics over time, we can measure your progress and continue adjusting your development plan.


Partnering with Pelotero has improved our data collection and the programs we offer. Hitters will get custom programs that are specifically designed to improve areas they need to work on.

Pelotero will give a full mechanical breakdown of a swing and identify the key features that need improvement.

Driveline Training

We incorporate Driveline weighted bats and hitting weighted balls to increase bat speed. Hitters have seen an average increase of 2 mph in bat speed which translates to 6-8 mph increase in exit velocity.

College Recruiting

Recruiting has changed since the introduction of data collection. College coaches are looking for data that Performance Hitting collects to help get your son into a College program.

Interested in learning exactly where you need to improve?

Performance Hitting offers different types of assessments, including HitTrax, Blast Motion, and Video. Sign up for an assessment in addition to your training program to get a detailed breakdown of your swing from one of our experts.


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